A path to healing life challenges

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This is the groundbreaking method developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson that I use daily in my practice to recognize and release trapped emotions – the unseen emotional baggage from traumatic experiences that leads to physical, mental and emotional illness!

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The Footprints Home Story

The story behind my business name came to me when I had completed my Reflexology Training and Certification. I was contemplating what would be an appropriate name that would reflect the work I would be doing. The foot imagery of course was perfect but there was a much deeper meaning to this name as it represented my personal journey in developing a spiritual relationship with “something” greater than myself.

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Introductory Coaching Session

The Get Excited About Your Life Coaching Program will ignite your passion to become and to do what most excites you in your life. For a limited time, get a Free 30 minute Introductory Session: (limited time offer as space permits: Value $97) and leave the session feeling excited, motivated and ready to begin the real work to transform your life into the one of your dreams!

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Each Session is geared to your needs using my Coaching expertise gained over years of study and practice in the field of Human Development/Consciousness by tapping into the “Human Energy System” and determining the best way to awaken, heal, and stimulate positive change in your life.